Erroneous move by CPS to Gov of Kebbi against indigenous online Publisher

The Chief Press Secretary to Governor Nasir Idris, Ahmed Idris confronted Isyaku Garba Zuru, the Publisher of Online News platform at the Governor's Parlour last Friday.

 Isyaku Garba Zuru along with other Newsmen were at the Government House to cover an event after the verdict by the court of appeal on Friday, 24th, November, that upheld the verdict of the election tribunal earlier passed.

Ahmed excused Isyaku separately, and confronted that a publication was previously made on  platform without contacting him that he was not happy about.

After making it clear to him, I want to implore that Ahmed should know is a private online media operating in Kebbi state. The first of it's kind making it a pioneer Online News platform in Kebbi state.

It is a subsidiary of Seniora Int'l Ltd, and has all the periphernalia of a standard online media outfit, with all the legal backing to legitimately perform. It has a standard office facility and staff administrative structure.

While amassing huge money to operate to success, Ahmed should know that the Kebbi state Government has not been of any assistance in the past ten years of our existence and we are not in Kebbi state payroll hence a private media oufit.

As such, we are not obliged to contact the CPS before publishing our story provided we have facts and figures. elsewhere, or from the main source, especially in a situation where we experienced, and suspects premeditated act to deny us acces to these facts through mere hidden motive to frustrate the process of balancing our story, and our success using official folds of government or otherwise, which is the game of the day and we learn to endure. 

It is very clear that high percentage of Newsmen do not welcome in Kebbi state just because of the visible success it achieved in information dissimination using contemporary media assets over time.

We also suspect external influence by  some disgruntled elements to use you, as a tool to create an unwanted scene in order to use it for their malicious scores of mischief against me. Owing to your earlier confession at the beginning of our conversation on Friday 24th, November.on the subject matter.

I want you to kindly remember that, your appointment as CPS to the Governor of Kebbi state as a Nupe man, perhaps from Niger state is not a crime. You've been adding value to the media system in the state.  But it is an added advantage and provides great opportunities against competition for Guardian newspaper you are writing for in Kebbi as a reporter. 

Don't use your appointment to impose yourself and your company's interest on other media outfits no matter how you can perhaps relegate them within your thoughts for being indigenous. Evident that some of your press releases were allegedly professionally out tracked based on other people's opinion.

I finally want to inform the general public that at, we remained disciplined and law abiding. A reason why some people often took advantage of our respect for order, and rule of law to inflict undeserved injuries on us and work towards denying us the right to exist in our dear state simply because of wicked infested ideologies. 

Henceforth, we are ready to stand up to any negative approach against us which we had endured in the past. If you do not share our experiences, then you have no moral rights to judge us. 

We are bonafide indigenes of Kebbi state and we stay in it to salvage it, even against internal or external aggression. We want the good people of Kebbi state to bear witness of what we are facing in our dear Kebbi state.

God bless Kebbi state, God bless it's people.

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