Your Excellency Dr. Nasir Idris Kauran Gwandu , The Executive Governor of Kebbi state

Your Excellency I want to bring to your notice the recent happenings or developments regarding the measures taken by Zamfara  and Katsina State Governments to bring an end to the  activities of Bandits in their respective rural and urban communities. For instance

"Zamfara state governor has procured 15 units of  Amoured personnel Carriers, 200 units of landcruiser trucks 2000 units of motorcycles and unspecified number of customized guns and cartridges to be distributed to the proposed community guards troops and other security outfits in a bid to tackle the mence of Banditry" 

The Katsina State Government has already established their own security outfit to engage and also flush out Bandits from their enclaves and they have also provided vehicles, guns and other logistics to their community guards. Infact, the Katsina State Governor has sworn openly that he rather die than allow Bandits to continue killing people under his watch

With these developments most especially from our neighbouring states, it is certain that the Bandits are going to migrate to Kebbi state communities , particularly Kebbi south and to be specific, Danko Wasagu, Sakaba and Fakai local government communities.

Therefore, we are calling the attention of the Kebbi State Government and the speaker of the Kebbi state house of assembly Mal. Usman Muhammad Ankwe to take proactive measures by establishing a similar security outfit so as to prevent the massive influx or infiltration of Bandits to the outskirts of Bena, Unashi, Wasagu, Diri, Maganda, Kangi to mention but just a few.

The failure to take these proactive measures will have devastating consequences on our rural population.

Your Excellency, we are appealing to you to do everything possible within the ambit of the constitution and where wherever necessary state laws should be amended in order to  protect the lives and properties of our people, this is the right time to do the right thing. And by complementing the efforts of our neighbouring states, the burden will be less and the gains will be maximised. 

And for you to succeed on this crucial mission, you must ignore evil minded advisers. You should shun political Party sentiments as well as tribal and religious fanatics from both ends because that has always been the case with Kebbi south. Ignore hypocrites Sir. 

Your Excellency do the right thing and whosoever  that deviate from what is right, regardless of his age, title and status, the law should deal with him without any consideration sir.

God had put our lives in your hands and I am sure if you are determine and have the political will to do the right thing, God will direct you to the right path.

Sir, call a meeting of all the stakeholders but you should have everything figured out before you do that. As affected communities, we are ready to give you all the support and cooperation you may require from us.

Help me get this across to the Governor pls!


Bamaiyi An'iko Dabai

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