Explained: College of Nursing Sciences Birnin Kebbi expels female student for violating college rules, regulations

The College of Nursing Sciences Birnin Kebbi has expelled a female student Rahama Saidu for violating the college rules and regulations.

This is contained in the college official Facebook post published with Rahama's picture by authorities of the college.

A post making rounds on social media alleging that Rahama was expelled from the college because she is a Tik Toker was vehemently refuted, and actual reasons warranting her expelsion was explained by management of the college. 

The post reads:

Rahama Saidu was a student of College of Nursing Sciences Birnin Kebbi, who was expelled due to her failure to comply with the college rules and regulations. 

According the college rules regulations any students with 3 weeks absence from school or hospital without any genuine reason will automatically repeat that  semester. Rahama Saidu failed exams 5 months ago, since then, she became absent from the school with no reason she neither accept the repeat and none of her query has been answered for several attempts which leads to her expelsion 

However the College of Nursing Sciences Birnin Kebbi does not know that Rahama is TikToker. 

Therefore all the allegations label against the college by Rahama is false, baseless and mere accusations to tarnish the good image of the college which should be disregarded by the general public.

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