Video of the Governor of Kebbi giving money to security officers while on duty attracts controversy due to lack of privacy

A video that shows the Governor of Kebbi state, Dr Nasir Idris, giving money to security personnel while on duty has sparked controversy in Kebbi state.

 The video that a Special Assistant to the Governor published on his Facebook page a few days ago, made the people expressed their opinion on the effectiveness or otherwise of what the Governor did.

 A security expert says the incident that was publicized on the social media site is a matter of privacy, considering it is an issue involving the security forces, which requires dignity and respect even though the Governor did it with good intentions.

 What is surprising is how the Governor's Security detail from the DSS was seen standing and watching the moment, but he did not stop recording the scene when the Governor was about to hand over the money to the officers.  Experts alleged that it is his responsibility to take appropriate action immediately, in order to safeguard the governor from unforseen embarrassment.

 Seniora Files, which gathers information, and Online News website gathered that this incident has become a gossip among the people of Kebbi state who do not discuss on the internet for reasons of self-defense.  An incident that could cause an underground potential damage to the prestige of the Kebbi State Government.

 However, even during the last governorship election campaign, a video went viral, where the candidate for the governorship, and the elected governor now, was seen promising the families of the security forces in their barracks huge sums of money, including promise of a big cow to support them celebrate if he wins the election.  Experts believed that this kind of video should not be released on the internet, regardless of the situation or purpose.

 While it is clear that the Governor of Kebbi state, Dr Nasir Idris, has often given large sums of money to the public based on trust and goodwill.  However, security experts say that not every situation of monetary award will be recorded and broadcast on the internet, because of the pace, and security strategies in the process of running a good government for the people of Kebbi state.

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Posted by ISYAKU.COM on Monday, November 13, 2023

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