Kebbi @ 32: What I did for my dear state, the untold story of a transformative journey

My names are Isyaku Garba Zuru. I'm a proud citizen of Kebbi state. I was a detective with a security intelligence service. I happily retired, and now use my time to serve the people.

Below are some of how I help the people:

1. I brought wireless internet connectivity configuration on mobile devices to Zuru in 2006, later same year to Birnin kebbi the capital of Kebbi state. The first in the history of Kebbi state.

2. I created a mobile optimized website on Wireless Markup Language (WAP) that made accessibility to internet cheap through Google gateway on Wireless Access Protocol WAP data interface on Java phones in 2007 in Birnin kebbi, thereby reducing catestrophic expenditure on data for the people of Kebbi state.

3. I was the first person to Manually configure Chinese made mobile phones to access Internet in Birnin kebbi in 2007. At that time Chinese phones don't install Auto data configuration settings sent by mobile phone network. My technical intervention on that, stimulated business of sales of Chinese made mobile phones in Kebbi state.

4. I was the first person that trained youths on how to manually configure mobile phones for data access in Birnin kebbi in 2008.

5. I was the first person to configure, install java applications on mobile phones to stream live television programs online, like Aljazeera, BBC, etc in Birnin Kebbi in 2008.

6. I was the first person, an indigene of Kebbi state to become a mobile phone software technician in Kebbi state 2009. Guided by professional Diploma in J2ME, Dioloma Android SDK and Software Management, and Diploma CISCO.

7. I was the first person to start mobile phones software business in Olumbo Plaza, now called Bindawa. The technical workforce in that plaza was my creative initiative, an idea made to become a reality. Today, the said plaza is a hope for self dependency for youths in Birnin kebbi. 

8. I was the first to intercept stolen phones, call the owners and give back to them, provided they earlier reported a case of stolen phone to our office and the Police station. This is strange in the history of Kebbi state.

9. During the month of Ramadan on Fridays, software work on all categories of phones, and technical consultations between Friday prayers and Asr prayers were done free in my office for all customers.

10. Any day my pension was paid, upon receiving bank alert of payment, all mobile phones on the techical table at that particular time were treated free of charge. First of such gesture in the history of Kebbi state.

11. I was the founder of the association of handset dealers and technicians in Kebbi state. I created and named the association. Despite shortcomings associated with leadership, the association is making impact in the society. 

12. I trained 37 boys in Kebbi state and those I trained online, on mobile phones/ Android Software Management procedure. Some of them are currently happily married with their personal houses, using the knowledge I gave them to be self reliant without becoming a burden to Kebbi state government.

13. I am the first registered online publisher and Blogger in the history of Kebbi state. With this establishment, I am currently paying six staff allowances from proceed of the advertorial placed on our platform. No single advertorial had been granted to our company by previous government in Kebbi state.

14. I added value to my education with the inception of the internet. I did a professional Degree online BSc Journalism and Multimedia, I further did another professional Degree online, BSc Cyber Security, then proceeded and did MSc Digital Marketing online. Thanks to the internet!. With these knowledge, I became totally self reliant. I'm a source of assistance to helping citizens of my dear Kebbi state and beyond, in solving some of their problems that got to do with the knowledge I achieved through Online studies.

15. I operate without assistance from Kebbi state government, yet I created a media outfit, operating as a subsidiary of a registered company that conquer the taste of time on contemporary information dissemination within, and beyond the borders of Kebbi state. is globally accessible.

I don't know how people were made to see me, but I think I'm one person that can add value to the progress of my dear Kebbi state. I love Kebbi State. That's why I stayed inside it, to salvage it. But it has all through the journey not been easy.

God bless Kebbii state.

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