How Organic Cream Destroyed My Face And Relationship — Heartbroken Lady Shares Story (Video)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how organic cream ruined her face and ended her relationship

In the video making the rounds, it captured a lady who had a breakout on her face that she attributed to the use of organic cream.

The intention of using the product was to get clearer skin and a natural glow but was unfortunately left with damaged facials and a broken relationship.

In a chat shared by the lady, she complained to her boyfriend about having a bad day as a result of issues on her face. The boyfriend replied surprised while querying her continuous use of the product after he advised her to stop.

She, however, justified the continued usage on the basis of a recommendation from the vendor who assured her of the previous damage getting cleared out with a new product. Unfortunately, the condition on her face became worse than it was.

Reacting, the boyfriend broke off the relationship on the grounds of rejecting his advice and at the same time concerned about what his friends would say about his girlfriend's skin.

The heartbroken lady could not hold back tears after she got blocked on social media by her man.

Watch Video Below;

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