Bagudu's eight years of silent impunity, hatred against the Zuru natives revealed

Bagudu's eight years of silent impunity, hatred against the Zuru natives revealed

By Isyaku Garba Zuru 

Before 2015, office of the Deputy Governor in Kebbi state oversees the affairs of local government and chieftancy affairs, Bagudu removed that political glory leaving his Deputy Samaila Yombe politically ineffective and loss of dignity due to lack of capacity to make effective relevance in extant issues. Though, it is constitutionally at the mercy of the Governor to assign certain responsibility to the office of his Deputy. It has been the arrangements after several successful governments, why is it different during Bagudu.

Justice Asabe Karatu was denied the ability to become Chief Judge of Kebbi state, despite all corresponding documents from the NJC. A Governor has the powers to pardon any body within his state. Many people alleged that she was politically witchunted after serving more than 34 meritorious years. 

She had only few months to retire, but Bagudu refused to honor and recognize her selfless dedication for Kebbi state. A simple pardon even if what she was accused of becomes true.

Bagudu should have conscientiously play the path of honor and show respect even because of his Deputy, Emir, and the elders of Zuru Emirate if at all he had any mark of respect for them. Our dear elder, mother, sister and loved one was fired by Bagudu simply because she was forced by deliberate denial and voiced out her grievance. Many believed it to be on the basis of sentiments and a clear exhibition of despotism out of deep seated hatred against the person of Justice Asabe Karatu and the Zuru people.

A student of Federal University Kalgo, an indegine of Zuru was mobbed to death over false allegation. The matter ended in court without any conviction. This is Bagudu styled leadership. A married woman from his "back yard" was murdered in Labana, byepass area, her killer was fished out after Bagudu pledges support. The culprit was sentenced to death by a competent Court.

As a matter of self styled defined policy direction and lack of political accomplishment, Bagudu failed to influence along with his political allies in Zuru Emirate to make sure Dabai-Koko road is completed within the eight 8 years of his administration. This is enough to tell you that Bagudu doesn't really have the love for Zuru people at heart.

The interim President of Zuru Emirate Development Society ZEDS,  Air Vice Marshal M.S. Ribah was arrested and detained in Abuja by security operatives. The matter was believed to be linked to the issue of Zuru Emirate.

It is believed that AVM's arrest was done in order to intimidate him and force him withdraw any support action for the progress of Zuru by a despot who never wanted the progress of Zuru.

I don't want to elaborate what really transpired because it has links to security issues. But it is conclusively agreed that a totalitarian doesn't want any great man to stand out from Zuru. It was Justice Asabe Karatu, now Air Vice Marshal Ribah after removing the political glory from office of the Deputy Governor.

The founder and pioneer of association of mobile phone dealers and technicians in Kebbi state, and the first online news publisher in Kebbi State, Isyaku Garba Zuru, was removed as acting state chairman of the association without any written documented reason, his three shops at a popular plaza in Ahmadu Bello way Birnin kebbi were through arranged legal tacticalities siezed from him. 

Malicious allegation was written against him, he was arrested, investigated by Police state CID and consequently vindicated. People, youths, were contacted through private social media chats, and personal consultations, not to forward or share any of his media content with the intent to break, and frustrate the success of his company. He was fereciously assailed, deliberately denied inclusion, simply because of his creativity and successful multipurpose skills and abilities with overwhelming success record. All these happened under the watchful eyes of Bagudu's close allies with deep rooted sentiments born out of primitive insanity.

The security situation in Zuru is now worst than the way it was before 2015.

After wasting over N600m in the name of digitization of Kebbi Television and Kebbi radio,  Zuru Medium Wave MW booster station is not operational years back. A deliberate action to disconnect the Zuru people access to information on the happenings in Kebbi state through radio and Television by Bagudu's deliberate inaction.

This is enough to tell you who is Abubakar Atiku Bagudu for the people of Zuru.

This is the time for any Zuru native to be cosenteously guided and be wise. Personally, Bagudu will have nothing more to prove to me his worth.

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