We are United for Power to Unite Africa

During the French rule in Africa, the colonizers designed a strategic policy plan called the "Policy of Assimilation" the goal of this policy was to turn the African into a Frenchwoman and take away from the African, everything that makes him an African in order that she completely lost his identity.

The African was required under this policy to take up a French name, speak only French to his children and she was required to eat French food (if you live in French African, then you know the story of Baggett and French Cheese). If he decides to watch a TV then it must be a French TV station and she was to throw away all his African cultures. She ultimately, must be a Christian and must have one wife.

Under this policy, the French designed 4 French model Cities in Africa (In Senegal to be precise): these cities were Saint‐Louis, GorĂ©e, Rufisque and Dakar.

For an African to be eligible to live or work in any of these Africa cities, she must be assimilated: which means he should first have to throw away anything that makes her an African.... Even in some cases, including bleaching his skin.

No wonder the first bleaching cream ~Clear tone was commonly called "Abidjan Clear tone"

The ghost of this mental engineering policy is Still hurting the African so much... And many of us today, do not understand why the French still have so much power and influence in Africa. 

We need a counter strategic policy to correct what was broken by the 400 years of European Colonization and Enslavement.

We are United for Power to Unite Africa

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