Girl 16, killed her father for refusing to let her marry her boyfriend

16-year-old Emani Kure hacked her 40-year-old father, Kusha Kure, to death at their home because he refused to allow her marry her 24 year old married boyfriend, Nasiru Musa.

Emani Kure stated that she had been dating her boyfriend, Musa, for about two years. She further disclosed that her mother told her to go into her father’s room where he was sleeping to kill him. She heeded and ran to where her father had kept his cutlass, went to his room to cut him on the neck with the cutlass while his mother held his leg.

The police in Abuja have now arrested the teenage girl.

When interrogated, Emani confessed to killing her own dad.
“I killed my father because he did not allow me marry my boyfriend, Nasiru Musa. We have been dating for two years. My father has beaten me several times, to stop me from marrying Nasiru. Around 3.00am on March 11, my mother told me while we were sleeping outside, to go into my father’s room where he was sleeping. She said that I should take his cutlass and kill him. I ran to where my father always keeps his cutlass and went to his room. I cut him on the neck with the cutlass while my mother held his leg. After killing him, I ran away to the house of my friend, Regina. The incident was reported to the police at Bwari Police Division. Nasiru did not know that I wanted to kill my father. He was shocked when he heard that I killed my father.”

Wife of the decased, 35-year-old Asabe, who was alleged to have conspired with Emani to carry out the wicked act, denied any involvement.

”My late husband and I did not support my daughter, Emani to marry Nasiru Musa, her boyfirend. She refused to listen to us. My husband was sleeping in the room. My little baby started crying and I woke up to breastfeed her. Suddenly I heard a noise from my husband’s room. I called my father in-law. He and other people rushed to our house and saw my husband in a pool of blood. My daughter was not around. She ran away. I started to suspect her and Nasiru Musa as being responsible for my husband’s death. We went to the Bwari Police Division to report that my husband was killed in his room. I told the police that I suspected my daughter and her boyfriend. Later the police arrested Nasiru and my daughter. She confessed to the crime but claimed that I gave her instruction to kill my husband. I was not involved in killing my husband.” she said

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