Boko Haram destroys 330KVA power towers in Yobe

Boko Haram insurgents have destroyed two 330 KVA power transmission towers in Yobe state, plunging residents in the state and Borno into darkness. 


Spokesperson for the command, Dungus Abdulkarim said that the transmission towers supplied electricity from Gombe to Yobe and Borno. The attackers were suspected to have used improvised explosive devices to blow up the facilities in the early hours of Saturday, February 24. 


Abdulkarim said; 


“The transmission towers are located in Kasaisa in Damaturu Local Government Area of the state and supply electricity from Gombe to Yobe and Borno. The destruction has plunged residents of the two states into darkness.”


The attack on the towers is the second in three months, as they were destroyed in December and repaired in January.

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