The insecurity being faced in the country since 2009 was the creation of the political class - Former Army chief Buratai says

The former Chief Of Army Staff, COAS, Lt. General Tukur Buratai, has said that insecurity in Nigeria was created by the political class and that only a strong political will can help eradicate it.

Buratai disclosed this at the second stanza of the 2023 National Public Service Lecture and the 65th anniversary of the University of Ibadan Alumni Association on Friday, November 3.

While sharing his experience in a lecture titled “Public Service and the Imperatives for National Security in Nigeria”, Buratai stated that the call for his sack as COAS during the former president Muhammadu Buhari administration over insecurity stemmed from personal biases rather than an objective evaluation of his performance.

“These individuals might have held negative opinions of Gen. Buratai based on personal biases unrelated to his actual capabilities. It is crucial to approach discussions regarding national security matters with a fair mindset, focusing on relevant aspects rather than personal biases and idiosyncrasies.

The National Assembly had more than twice passed resolutions calling for the sack of the service chiefs. The President, Muhammadu Buhari had told the Ninth National Assembly to mind their business. If properly interpreted, the call was to derail democracy by the military.

This should be a lesson for political actors. It was a direct confrontation blaming the service chiefs as if they were the ones who started the insecurity. The insecurity being faced in the country since 2009 was the creation of the political class. With a strong political will, it can be surmounted.”

While advising political actors and public servants to live above board by eschewing corruption, he said

“Politicians make lofty promises during election campaigns but fail to fulfil them once in power. Lack of accountability erodes public confidence and perpetuates the perception that politicians are more interested in the people.”

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