Democracy Day : Our diversity, our unity - Kebbi Gov.

Kebbi State Governor, Comrade Dr. Nasir Idris, Kauran Gwandu, says the diversity of Nigeria must remain her source of unity.

This was made known through a press release by Yahaya Sarki (S A) Media to Kebbi State Governor on

The governor said this in his message to the people of the state and Nigerians on the occasion of the celebration of the 2023 Democracy Day.

He said:" God created us differently for us to appreciate and love each other.

"Although these differences are so glaringly, we must however understand each other and use that as a comparative advantage.

" This comparative advantage, coupled with demographic supremacy in the comity of nations should be put to proper use 

'' These should  be used to propel Nigeria into more formidable developments, entrenchment of democracy and bolstering socio-economic prosperity."

Dr Idris said that Nigeria's democracy had trudged on successfully in spite of some of the perceived odds.

The Kauran Gwandu was elated that the nation's democratic trajectory has remained on course from 1999 to date.

The Kebbi State Governor, therefore, said that Nigerians have a lot to celebrate whenever democracy was involved.

He, however, agreed that more still needed to be done in order to meet the myriad of yearnings and aspirations of the citizens.

The Kauran Gwandu vowed never to dissappoint the teeming electorate in the State, promising that they will also find APC and its candidates at all level worthy of their mandates.

Dr Idris promised to religiously fulfil all his campaign promises to take the state to greater heights than he met it.

The Governor reiterated his commitment to judicious use of resources, creation of jobs, empowerment of people through agriculture and execution of projects that have direct bearing on the populace.
Furthermore, the incumbent administration would join hands with influential persons of Kebbi state origin at the National level to secure resources for reinvestment in the state to facilitate economic prosperity.

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