From Muazu Hardawa, Bauchi

Youth Forum Stakeholders forum, Bauchi state Chapter has endorsed  APC Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Bola Ahmad Tunubu and Bauchi state governotorial Candidate of the Party, Air Marshall Sadik Baba Abubakar in the 2023 general elections. 

The state chairman of the Forum, Comrade Umar Lauya Falakin Hardawa made the statement while speaking with newsmen during the international press conference in Bauchi yesterday. 

He said the forum with deep consultation to all critical stakeholders decided to register their total support to Senator Bola Ahmad Tunubu and that of Air Marshall Sadiq Baba Abubakar as their candidates for Nigerian President and Bauchi state Governor respectively during the coming 2023 general elections. 

Comrade Umar Lauya Hardawa said, " based on the track records of the two candidates  they deserved to run the affairs of the people for their previous efforts to good and transparent leadership in different capacity.

Therefore they decided to support them to continue giving their contribution to help youth with employment and educational support as well as building the Bauchi and Nigerian economic situation in general.

Also the Youth Stakeholders Forum endorsed all APC candidates who's showing concern to their problems before giving them full support during the forth coming general elections and advice them to continue remembering youth in their mind and give them a maximum support for gigantic challenges facing them especially in the field of unemployment.

Comrade Umar Lauya Hardawa therefore announce the forum's plans to continue mobilise the eligible card carrying Nigerian youth to cast their votes for APC candidates who gives them a sympathy on the large number of youth in labour market after finishing their studies.

Ambassador Mai lambu Waziri one of the executive member of the forum, in his remarks drawn the attention of Nigerian Youth to maintain their dignity and value their votes to elect those who are showing concern to them and make concrete agreement with contestants on their demands.

Comrade Muslim Isa Yuguda a member to the Youth forum in is remarks thanks for the mighty work in building Bauchi state by Ambassador Air marshal Baba Sadiq during his work as number one in Nigerian Air force, he built Air force Base in Bauchi with full amenities to serve Bauchi peoples and air force officers in terms of health, education and many capacities.

By later in the evening the youth stakeholders forum held a meeting with All Progressive Congress party National Youth leader Mr. Dayo Israel who  called them to play their roles in politics and give their full support to Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his promise of running his government affairs with maximum support to the Nigerian youth.

Therefore,  the Youth leader asked them to come out in mass during the coming general election to cast their votes to APC candidates and also maintain their dignity with respect to elders who's showing support to their struggling for positive development in life.

Dayo Israel, reiterated the promise of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu to run his  government with their support,  voice and advice.

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