Governor Bagudu's infrastructural revolution

Governor Bagudu's infrastructural revolution 

Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu became the governor of Kebbi State after his successful victory at the polls. He became the 8th Governor of Kebbi State under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC . Having assumed office on May 29, 2015. The Governor has a lifelong commitment to public service and the proven leadership skills to make government work for the people of the State.

Since his assumption as the governor of Kebbi State, he has performed to the best of his ability to move Kebbi to the next level using his God-given talent and the meager resources at his disposal to undertake myriads of projects that have direct or indirect value to the socio-economic wellbeing of the State. The administration of Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu is anchored on economic development and diversification. These has greatly resulted into increased food production, job creation, improved security, infrastructural development etc . All these have touched the lives of people of the State positively, women and youths became more engaged and empowered by the government. To mention all the glaring people oriented projects and programs executed by the incumbent administration of Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu in this write up is not possible. This article is just the tip of the iceberg of his performance.

From time immemorial, societies and nations have attached greater emphasis on infrastructural development. This is inarguably because without such structures, communities would continue to lag behind and be bereft of any development. This is indeed for all the three tiers of government in Nigeria.

They play key role in ensuring that the society blossoms to enviable heights. This is the same happy story in Kebbi State. 

According to the Commissioner of Works, Alhaji Abubakar Chika Ladan, "" such infrastructure include roads that are key in bolstering road transportation. Its key to ensuring the success of even socio-economic activities.  You have to move goods and people around to develop the State. 

" That is why road, water, air and rail transport systems are important . In Kebbi State, nearly 90 per cent of the transport are covered by the road sector, hence, emphasis has been largely placed on roads."

"From 2015 to date, over 900 kilometres of roads had been successfully constructed."

Ladan stated that they were classified into newly constructed roads and the existing ones were upgraded and rehabilitated.They include inter-state and township roads. 

The township roads were constructed in major cities and towns, covering all the 21 LGAs, example, Mahuta, headquarters of Fakai where such projects would be completed in the next six months. 2kms of township road worth N900 million was being constructed there. 

The State capital, Birnin Kebbi had also immensely benefitted from such projects, with a number of such projects successfully executed. These road networks were laced with the appropriate drains and culvert enough to channel flood waters to the rivers. More of such roads are coming up across the state. 

The Commissioner said, " It is significant that a number of such roads have bridges, spanning between 16 to 60 meters.  16 of such bridges had been constructed across the state. Another one is currently on going along Suru to Giro road as a result of wash out of culverts during the last rainit season Suru .

A number of washed out roads , culverts and bridges are also being rehabilitated. A number of more roads will be constructed before the end of this administration. "

Ladan also averred that a significant aspect was that the projects were evenly distributed among the three senatorial zones of the state. He said that in this direction, Kebbi North had 313 kms,  Kebbi central had 220kms, while Kebbi South had 363kms. 

"This shows that these projects were executed on the bases of needs and in the economic importance and not for political reasons. This is why Kebbi South got more than the zone of the governor, Kebbi central..

"Another crucial factor in the citing of such road projects is the economic consideration or expediency. For instance, the agricultural revolution of the current administration.

""For instance,  the rice revolution sequel to the Anchor Borrower's Programme. So, roads were constructed to link up such farming communities with markets,, provide access to buyers and accessibility to provide inputs, among other reasons," Ladan said. 

In Agriculture, the administration of Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu made its major landmark . The administration is anchored on economic development and diversification . Since he came to power in 2015, he laid solid emphasis on agriculture, revolutionising farming particularly rice production which has significantly increased production not only in Kebbi State, but Nigeria as a whole. It has also helped in curbing the importation of foreign rice into the country, as well as created jobs for thousands of our teeming youths and women with the springing up of big and small  Rice Mills across the State. Many who are hitherto not farmers have embraced rice production , these include the youths , women and indeed civil servants. Kebbi's name is now on the world map of rice production, courtesy of the unwaivering support of Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, ' Sarkin Noman Nigeria ' and ' Mai Shinkafa Dan Bagudu '.

It is therefore not by accident that President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu as Chairman of the Presidential committee on Rice and Wheat Production as well as the Vice Chairman National Food Security Council. The APC governors also elected him as their Chairman, the Progressives Governors'Forum.

Under the education sector, the Kebbi State Governor, Senator Abubakar Atiku  has also expended significant resources in the welfare, training and retraining of teachers, renovation and construction of new structures in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions of the state. It also included provision of teaching/ learning materials such as furniture, books, laboratory equipment, as well as sporting facilities.

According to the Chairman of Kebbi State State Universal Basic Education Board ( SUBEB) ,Professor Suleiman Khalid , Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu has carried out myriad of projects more than all the previous administrations in Kebbi State.

He explained the summary of projects executed from 2014 to 2021 by Kebbi State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). He said, 1,314 new classrooms were constructed,while 2,478 were renovated. In the area of provision of furniture, toilet facilities Water and Sanitation, 106,678 furniture were procured , 1,127 units of toilet facilities had  been provided, while 140 boreholes were sunk  in various schools across the State.

Khalid further averred that Bagudu's administration constructed 48 wall fences to strengthen security within the premises of schools,  as well as provided 678 sets of ICT facility and 329 sets of play equipment in schools. In total, government spent N16,198,556,829.96 to cover all the above projects, he said.

Through out Kebbi State,, the story is a happy one in all the sectors, Governor Bagudu has made indlible mark of progress that touched the lives of Kebbi people in Healthcare, Youth and Women Development, Land and Housing in addition to creating the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

 and the Ministry of Environment and Solid Minerals Development.

Bagudu's passion for gender equality and inclusiveness of youths and women in the governance of the State has further bolstered the gradual progress of the State . His cabinet, the State Executive Council is bubbling with young men while a number of women are holding the position of Permanent Secretaries more than any Northern State in Nigeria. Women in the State are also holding key positions in Ministries and Government Parastatals . 

The story is a happy one in all the sectors of the State

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