Sophisticated robot s*x dolls can make humans better lovers, an expert claimed


Ever increasing sophisticated sex robots are set to make humans better lovers according to an expert in the emerging market.

Simon Dub , a PhD candidate in psychology who specialises in erobotics, the study of human and machine erotic interaction, believes that with the help of robots, humans can become "better erotic beings".

The sophisticated cyborgs will be able to recognise human emotions and people will become increasingly confident to explore what their "sexual preferences are" with the robots.

Simon said: "This technology can help us become better erotic beings by teaching us to become better lovers and sexual partners.

"We need to stop thinking about our relationships with machines as just something we use - they can be designed to help us find out what our erotic preferences are.

"This technology can be used and designed to help us understand each other and improve the quality of our relationships with fellow humans."

The 27 year old, who is in the final year of his PhD at Concordia University in Montreal, in the Canadian province of Quebec, believes that sex robots should be seen as "virtual partners" which can help people "learn what their sexual preferences are".

Sexbots would allow people to become more confident in what they like and don't like which in turn will be beneficial for them in real life.

Simon said: "The main driver in people wanting to have sex and intimate relationships with machines is sexual curiosity and our pursuit of pleasure, as well as exploring new ways of having sex and our sexual fantasies.

"This doesn't then prevent people who like it from having sex with humans, but could instead compliment sexual relationships between humans.

"Sometimes we view this technology as, 'You can only have sex with either humans or machines', but we need to consider this technology as a possible way of improving people's lives.

"They could provide support and companionship - and not only as sexual partners."

Simon believes that though sexual robotics is still 'in its infancy', the rising popularity of the industry means we will soon be able to build 'emotional connections' with androids.

He explained: "Sexual robotics is still in its infancy, but virtual reality partners are less expensive and more realistic and can be adjusted and customised.

"Most people still don't understand the benefits this technology can provide.

"Governments, activists, different gender and sexual communities need to get on board with this technology to improve human eroticism."

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