Married Woman Impregnated By Three Islamic Sect Members After ‘Indoctrination S3x’

Three members of the Hakika Islamic sect have been arrested for conspiring and jointly having carnal knowledge of a married woman.

The suspects who were arrested by men of the Katsina State Police Command raped the married woman under the guise of indoctrinating her into their sect.

The Hakika sect has allegedly been recruiting and indoctrinating adherents into their radical teachings which are similar to those of Boko Haram.

Activities of the sect allegedly include non-adherence to five daily obligatory prayers, non-observance of Ramadan fast, promotion of fornication, and adultery, among other things.

According to the police, trouble started when the lady’s husband, Isiyaku who had been in Lagos for over one year seeking greener pastures returned to their Wardanga village in the Bakori Local Government Area of Katsina State and found his wife with a four month-old-baby girl.

Isiyaku, who left his wife, Zainab Ahmed in the care of her parents at Unguwar Dantalle village, Tandama, Danja LGA of Katsina State discovered that she was impregnated after three members of the Hakika Islamic sect from the same village brainwashed her and had sexual intercourse with her.

He then rushed to the Danja Police Division and reported the development to the police.

In the course of the investigation, Zainab Ahmed confessed that she had indicated an interest in joining the sect, and they told her that the initiation/indoctrination process involves them having sexual intercourse with her which she consented to.

Zainab said:

“I told them that I wanted to join the sect and they said one of the conditions for joining the sect involves them having carnal knowledge of me. I agreed and the three of them did, and then initiated me into the sect,”.

The police statement read:

“In a similar vein, one Abdullahi Isiyaku (‘M’, aged 30) of Wardanga village in Bakori LGA of Katsina state reported at Danja Division on June 17th, 2021, that sometime in January 2020, he travelled to Lagos to earn a living and left his wife behind, one Zainab Ahmed, (“F”, aged 20), under the care of her parents at Unguwar Dantalle village of Tandama area in Danja LGA of Katsina state.

“However, when he returned earlier in June, he met his wife with a four-month-old baby girl. In the course of an investigation, the lady stated that she was indoctrinated into a new Islamic Sect called ‘Hakika’ by three suspected rapists who jointly had carnal knowledge of her.

“The suspects – Tukur Dan-Azumi, (m, aged 19), Abubakar Yahuza, (m, aged 20), Rufa’i Saosi, (‘m’, 27) all of Unguwar Dantalle in Tandama village area Danja.”

Reported by ISYAKU.COM

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