Kano Hisbah to marry off controversial TikToker, Murja Kunya months after her arrest for "corrupting the morals of the society in her videos"

The Kano Hisbah has announced plans to facilitate marriages for TikTokers in the state, including Murja Ibrahim Kunya, who was arrested early this year over alleged immorality. 1

Recall that the popular skit maker known for her controversial content, was arrested at a hotel while trying to book rooms for guests who came from far and near for her much publicised birthday bash. 

According to the spokesperson of the State Police Command, SP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, Murja's arrest followed complaints from clerics that she uses vulgar language and corrupts the morals of the society in her videos.

This initiative was unveiled during a meeting convened by the Commander-General of Hisbah Board, Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, to offer guidance to TikTokers on improving their moral values.

Murja and other popular TikTokers, were invited to the Kano State Hisbah Command’s headquarters for potential rehabilitation on Monday, November 6th, 2023. 

The invitation issued by the Deputy Commander-General of Hisbah, Dr. Mujahid Aminuddeen encouraged the attendees to bring their educational and business certificates, ensuring their identities remain protected by covering their faces.

The primary purpose of this gathering is to offer support to those interested in receiving assistance from the State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf.

The TikTokers in overwhelming numbers attended the meeting dressed in full traditional regalia and covering their faces with Niqabs.

Speaking while unveiling the scheme, Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, said; “We are willing to give you all the necessary support to live a sustainable life, those of you that have fiancĂ©es or are interested in marriage we promise to organize a grand wedding and take responsibility for all the expenses,"

He also advised the popular TikTokers Murja Kunya and others in attendance on how to improve their morals.

Sheikh Daurawa said that all TikTok users who need capital support, should write a business plan and submit it to the Hisbah board, if they are satisfied with the information they have provided, the Kano government will support them with capital.

This initiative, which has gained approval from Kano Governor, is designed to assist youth in the region and promote moral growth.

The TikTokers responded positively to the offer and engaged in discussions with senior Hisbah officials.

To demonstrate their commitment to this endeavor, the Hisbah provided N2,000 transport fare to the TikTokers. 

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