The attention of Senator Muhammad Adamu Aliero has been drawn to a publication credited to one Umar Ibrahim, who claims to be from Bunza Local Government Area of Kebbi State, making the rounds on social media. The traducing and libellous publication, which was first posted on the Facebook page of the said Umar Ibrahim, was later published in the “Naijavoice”, “The Paradise” and “Digital NewsWeb24. com” on September 21 2022. In the said publication, the lily-livered writer, who answers the fictitious name Umar Ibrahim, falsely and maliciously claimed that one Alhaji Kabiru Kamba from Dandi Local Government Area of Kebbi State has been fronting for the Distinguished Senator with such companies and entities as KK Kamba & Sons Nigeria Limited and K.M. Kamba Ventures Nigeria Limited, Dunkulu Global Ventures, Maidaji Global Resources, Makharaj Nigeria Ltd, Clarion Prime Associates Ltd., Wastech Engineering, GT Energy Ltd, Viaeny Global Investment Ltd, Yakubeens Nigeria Ltd and Brading Global Concept Nigeria Ltd.

According to the malicious writer, Alhaji Kabiru Kamba is being investigated by the EFCC for failure to perform or execute contracts that have been fully paid for by the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and the Police Trust Fund that awarded him the contracts. The crooked writer also alleges that Alhaji Kabiru Kamba conspired with two ex-Permanent Secretaries in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Alhaji Babangida Hussaini as well as his predecessor Alhaji Bukar Alhaji to defraud the Federal Government through the alleged bogus contracts.

In the words of the deranged and deluded writer “Senator Aliero’s other proxies in these schemes are his brother, Alhaji Abba Aliero and his son, Mustapha Aliero. Between them, they register and run several bogus companies such as Galadi Global Resources, Net Galaxy Max, M.M. Saleh and Sons Nigeria Ltd, Waizah Global Resources Ltd and Eva Top Trading Company Ltd."

Ordinarily, the Distinguished Senator will not accord any attention to such trashy publication.  But these are times when effete and desperate political opponents deliberately throw rot at opponents to score cheap political points.

For the records, the Distinguished Senator will want the public to know that the proprietor of the publication is an international rogue who has had to refund part of the infamous Abacha loot to the Federal Government of Nigeria. The despicable and kleptomanic villain who has impoverished Kebbi State with his obsessive looting is hiding behind faceless proxies to tarnish the good reputation of distinguished Senator Aliero and that of his family.

The shameless character is disingenuously using Senator Aliero’s popularity with  the people of Kebbi State to weave such a funny story as Alhaji Kabiru Kamba being my front. Of course, there is hardly anybody of note in Kebbi or from Kebbi who would not know Senator Aliero. But as a rule, and principle, the Senator restricts his business ventures to his family rice and legal businesses. It is therefore preposterous and insulting to associate him with such a criminal conspiracy and enterprise as the one for which Alhaji Kabiru Kamba is allegedly being investigated.

The EFCC is an independent prosecutorial institution with competent investigators. Senator Aliero therefore has no doubt that it will do a thorough job and will resist any attempt by a desperate politician to use its auspices to gain a political mileage.

The desperation of the proprietor of the funny publication is highlighted by the claim that the brother and son of the Distinguished Senator are at large, whatever that means, in connection with similar bogus contracts.

It is understandable that a drowning man can latch on any straw to survive, but to spew such blatant lies against the family members of the Distinguished senator is to say the least, shameful. The financier of the vile publication, who is an inglorious pretender to the leadership of Kebbi State, may have some justification to be envious of the Distinguished Senator, who has been the rock of the politics of Kebbi State since the inception of this republic. But to descend to the level of spreading such infernal and devilish lies against Senator Aliero’s son and brother is utterly unfortunate.

The procurement procedure and possesses of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing are known and every no person can claim that the Distinguished Senator is influencing the award of Contracts by that Ministry.

Campaigns are here, and every politician will face the people of Kebbi State with their scorecards. The electorate will not be fooled or distracted by campaigns of calumny. The people know their friends and enemies and this is payback time. Nobody of undeserving character will climb on the back of the Distinguished Senator to political prominence in Kebbi State this time around. The people will follow their leader and the leader will not be distracted by any malicious scheme or propaganda.


Usman Labaran 


Birnin kebbi 

Kebbi state

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