I have never seen this man on earth. God knows - Abubakar Malami again denies Odili siege suspect

The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN) has once again denied any association with one of the suspects arrested over the raid on the Abuja residence of Justice Mary Odili.

Last week, the Nigeria Police Force paraded fourteen suspects arrested in connection with the invasion of the home of Justice Odili. One of the suspects who gave his name as Lawrence Ajojo and claimed to be a Chief Superintendent of Police, alleged that he is a consultant with the Justice Minister. 

He said the Minister has in the past given him 29 cases to treat but that he wasn't in the know of the plan to invade the home of Justice Odili. The Minister had immediately released a statement saying he cannot have a quack as a consultant.

In an interview with Channels TV on Sunday November 14, Malami stated that he has never seen Ajojo on planet earth. 

''In terms of knowledge by way of either a relationship or distant or close, I do not have any relationship whatsoever with Lawrence Ajojo. I do not know him. I do not engage him. I do not instruct him formally or informally. That is the true position of things as far as Lawrence Ajojo is concerned. 

I have never given him a single case and if I have given him 39 cases, let him show the evidence of engagement. I have never seen this man on earth. God knows.''he said

Reported by ISYAKU.COM

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