How to boost intimacy in your marriage

1. Know that intimacy is not just about having sexual intercourse but nurturing a warm, exclusive and strong connection between you two

2. Talk heart to heart. Talk about how you feel, how you are, notice each other's goodness. Talk more than just bills, the children and responsibilities

3. Maintain oral and body hygiene. Your spouse will struggle to get close to you when you smell

4. Make time to spend together. Intimacy is not rushed

5. When you two are far from each other, chat and talk warmly over the phone so that when you meet at home it is a continuation of the warmth

6. Kiss more than your spouse's lips. Kiss your spouse's forehead, cheeks, neck, fingers, arms, back, thighs... The skin has alot of room

7. Talk to each other with a tone that is not attacking, this will invite you both to each other's presence

8. Laugh together. Humour makes two people bond easier

9. Eat together often. Food is a unifier

10. Make out often. Making out involves lengthy deep kissing, handling, cuddling, massaging

11. Ask each other leading questions. These are questions that will require conversations and not a yes or no answer. Questions such as "How is your dream coming along?", "How did you get this mark on your arm?", "What do you love about us?"

12. Complain less, appreciate more. It is difficult to enjoy the company of someone who is constantly negative

13. Pray more as a couple. Prayers brings you two closer

14. Do activities together. Find something you both can do together such as cooking, playing a game, watching a movie, dancing; love is built on activity

15. Dress in a manner that excites and pulls your spouse to you. Confidently look appealing

16. Give each other eye contact more so that you focus on each other. Tame your phone, TV and gadget use

God bless every home

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